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Hi Folks,

As usual at this time of year I have been up to my neck in administrative duties with Annual Reports and Accounts and other legal necessities.  I am now playing campaign catch-up for the next few weeks.

Last night I got a chance to properly read a press release sent out by Scottish Government Minister Paul Wheelhouse on the 20th of May. I have added the link below and urge you to read it.

However before you do that please take one really large pinch of salt and make sure you are not wearing rose-tinted spectacles.

One you have read the release ask yourself this.

Is Paul Wheelhouse the Scottish Government Minister for:

A: Rural Industry and International Trade?

B: Creative Writing and Scottish Fables?

C: Farming and Bovine Effluent?

D: Environment and Climate Change?

Believe it or not the answer is D. Environment and Climate Change.

Before entering politics Paul Wheelhouse was a professional Economist having gained an Honours in Economics from Aberdeen University. That’s obviously why Alex Salmond gave him his current super hero job as Environment Protector and Changer of the Climate – both Environment and Economics start with an “E”.

The press release praises salmon farmers for contributing “up to £1.4 billion” to the Scottish economy. Now a professional economist worth some of your large pinch of salt might have asked a few questions such as;  “How much of the £1.4 billion turnover from these filthy floating factory fish farms is actually converted to Norwegian Krone and sent by long ship back to Oslo where two-thirds of the farms are owned?

Or they might have asked; “How much does the environmental damage and destruction of wildlife caused by salmon farming cost the Scottish tourism industry?”

The fawning attitude of the Scottish Government to the salmon farming industry would be bad enough if it was coming from a Minister for Trade and Industry but to hear such sycophantic slurry coming from our Environment Minister is nothing short of frightening. Paul Wheelhouse should be protecting our marine environment and the creatures which inhabit it from the destruction caused by industrial aquaculture. Instead he heaps praise on an industry he should be controlling, not colluding with.  The current Scottish Government Minister for Environment and Climate Change is simply not fit for purpose.

Cheers,  John



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