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PRESS RELEASE BY E-MAIL FROM: John F. Robins, Secretary, Save Our Seals Fund (SOSF), C/O Animal Concern, Post Office Box 5178, Dumbarton G82 5YJ. Tel: 01389-841-639, Mobile: 07721-605521. Fax: 0870-7060327.  SOSF is a recognised Scottish charity:  RCNo. SC025489.
E-MAIL: sosf@jfrobins.force9.co.uk   website: http://www.saveoursealsfund.org/


A petition asking the Scottish Government to make it illegal to shoot seals in Scotland is attracting local and international support.  The petition closes on Monday and is already near its target of 5,000 signatures, with over 4,500 people having added their support.

Each year the Scottish Government issues licenses allowing the killing over 1,000 seals in Scottish waters. Most are killed by netsmen who fish for wild salmon at the mouths of salmon rivers and by salmon farmers who rear fish in floating factory farms.

Salmon farmers could protect their stock by installing and maintaining tensioned high strength predator exclusion nets and wild salmon netsmen have claimed to have used acoustic scarers to keep seals away from their nets.

Most salmon farms in Scotland are owned by Norwegian companies who export Scottish grown salmon to China to get around a Chinese ban on importing Norwegian salmon. Meanwhile Norwegian salmon is imported into Scotland to fill the shortfall in production for the domestic market.

John Robins of Save Our Seals Fund said;   “There is a Scottish Government sanctioned seal slaughter going on based on economics. It is cheaper to shoot seals than to humanely keep them away from salmon farms and salmon nets. Seals are scapegoats for human greed and this slaughter must stop. Apart from killing seals this Government policy is damaging the tourist industry with people cutting their holidays short and going home after witnessing seals being shot. We want a total ban on killing seals in Scottish waters.”

The petition against seal shooting can be found on the Scottish Parliament website:


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