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E-MAIL FROM: John F. Robins, Secretary, Save Our Seals Fund (SOSF), C/O Animal Concern, Post Office Box 5178, Dumbarton G82 5YJ. Tel: 01389-841-639, Mobile: 07721-605521. Fax: 0870-7060327.  SOSF is a recognised Scottish charity:  RCNo. SC025489. E-MAIL: sosf@jfrobins.force9.co.uk   website: http://www.saveoursealsfund.org/


I’m writing to supporters of the charities Save Our Seals Fund and Animal Concern Advice Line as well as members of the pressure group Animal Concern. Save Our Seals Fund has just launched a Petition to the Scottish Parliament.

The Petition reads:

“Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to stop issuing licences permitting salmon farming, salmon netting and salmon angling interests to shoot and kill seals in Scottish waters and instead require that salmon farmers either move their farms into on-shore tank systems or legally require marine salmon farmers to install and maintain the high-strength, high tension predator exclusion nets they require to meet their legal obligation under the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 to protect their stock from the attention of predators. We further ask that the Scottish Parliament ask the Scottish Government to legislate to close down all salmon netting stations in Scottish waters thus allowing tens of thousands of Atlantic Salmon and seatrout to return to their native rivers to breed.”

Our petition is aimed at saving thousands of seals from being shot and to stop floating factory fish farms polluting our seas. Our request would also stop predators getting close to the farms which would also achieve some welfare benefits for the tens of millions of salmon suffering in floating cages all around the Scottish coast and islands.

Our petition opens today and closes on 5th May 2014 so we have circa six weeks to get as many signatures as we can. You do not have to be Scottish or living in Scotland to sign though we want as many people from Scotland to sign as possible!

Please circulate this message as widely as possible through other mailing lists, other like-minded groups, social media pages and to your friends and relatives.

Click on the link below and give two minutes of your time to help save a thousand seals a year from Scottish Government sanctioned slaughter.

Thanks,  John



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