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Chinese Year of the Norse: China asked to ban “Scottish” salmon. Salmond branded a Quisling

China has been asked to ban the import of farmed salmon from Norwegian owned farms in Scotland. First Minister Alex Salmond has been branded a Quisling over his role in promoting the export of salmon to China.   Campaigners claim he is selling out Scotland’s marine environment while Norwegian companies rake in the profits.

In 2010 Norway awarded the Noble Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. In retaliation China banned imports of salmon from Norway and started buying from Scotland instead. However the majority of salmon farms in Scotland are Norwegian owned and now Norwegian farmed salmon is increasingly being sold in Scotland while fish from Scottish farms is sent to China.

John Robins of Save Our Seals Fund said; “Alex Salmond is a major player in helping Norwegian companies sell salmon to China through the back door. He is a Quisling who has sold out the Scottish marine environment. Norwegian companies have bought up much of the Scottish industry and get round the Chinese import ban on Norwegian salmon by selling to China from their Scottish farms. Meanwhile Scottish consumers are sold a growing amount of salmon from Norwegian farms, some of it in very confusing tartan packaging.  Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Horse. In Scotland it is the Year of the Norse as a new wave of Viking invaders take over salmon factory farms in Scotland and sell their produce to the Chinese.”

Mr. Robins added; “Norway is making money from these filthy floating factory farms while Scotland suffers the terrible costs in terms of pollution, dead seals and plagues of sea lice which kill-off wild salmon and seatrout.  Instead of promoting the expansion of salmon farming and helping Norway profit from the degradation of the Scottish marine environment, Alex Salmond should be reducing the number of farms and prosecuting those which continue to pollute our seas and kill our wildlife.”

EDITORS NOTES: Save Our Seals Fund has written to the Chinese Consul in Edinburgh pointing out that much of the Scottish salmon farming industry is owned by Norwegian parent companies. We have asked the Chinese Consul to ban the import of salmon from Norwegian owned salmon farms in Scotland.  A copy of that letter is attached. For further info or comment or a photograph of Tartan Tinted Norwegian Salmon please contact John Robins on 01389841111 or 07721605521.


Thursday, 30 January 2014
Mr. Li Ruiyou,
Consul General of
The People’s Republic of China,
55 Corstorphine Road,
Edinburgh EH12 5QG

Dear Consulate General,

Happy New Year to you. This year of the Horse may prove to be the Year of the Norse in China as I believe Norway has found a way to beat your import ban on Norwegian factory farmed salmon.

When Norway awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, your Government retaliated by banning imports of salmon from Norway. Chinese buyers then started to import salmon from Scotland instead.

Do you know that the majority of salmon farms in Scotland are Norwegian owned? Many of these farms import fertile salmon eggs from Norway. In 2003 Scottish salmon farms imported 2,900,000 salmon ova from Norway. By 2011 that figure had grown to a massive 35,851,000 fertile salmon eggs being brought from Norway to Scotland to be grown on.

In the last three years Scotland has also been importing more and more finished farmed salmon from Norway. Many British retailers have changed their packaging and instead of saying the salmon is “Farmed in Scotland” the packaging states the salmon was “Farmed in Scotland or Norway”.

We believe that Norwegian owned salmon farms in Scotland are playing a very clever game and are getting around your import ban on Norwegian salmon by exporting to China salmon bred in Norway and then grown on in their Scottish farms.

You might want to verify this with the Norwegian Honorary Consul General in Edinburgh. You may well know him as, in his previous job as Chief Executive of Edinburgh Zoo, he was heavily involved in the negotiations to lease the two giant pandas from China. His name is David Windmill and, before he worked at Edinburgh Zoo, he was Chief Executive of salmon farming company Marine Harvest.

While dismayed at your record on human rights we do ask you to consider banning the import of salmon from Norwegian owned salmon farms in Scotland. Scottish Government Ministers are acting like middlemen in an international scam. They are encouraging China to buy tartan tinted salmon from Norwegian owned farms based in Scotland. Much of the money you pay for this salmon will not benefit Scotland but will end up in Norway. It is bad enough that salmon farms pollute our seas and cause the death of many of our wild animals but for it to be Norway which profits from this is intolerable.

Yours sincerely,

John F. Robins,
Save Our Seals Fund


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